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Employee Spotlight: Alycia Costa


Alycia Costa is a true rockstar. She manages two Class A offices in the heart of Portland; Fox Tower and Park Avenue West. This is no easy task but she makes it look effortless.  She maintains professionalism, patience and perfection in all of the projects that she spearheads.

To recognize all of her dedication and loyalty to the company, she has been promoted to Senior Property Manager and also received the President’s Award for 2016. We are proud to have her represent us at TMT.

PDX Strong – a new vlog series hosted by Vanessa Sturgeon

PDX StrongPDX Strong  is a new vlog series hosted by Vanessa Sturgeon featuring the Leaders Among Us.  It is an avenue for positive dialogue around relevant topics, inclusive discussions, and impactful conversations with business and citizen leaders. Throughout her career, Sturgeon has had the honor of serving on many boards and committees, and volunteering with change makers in the city of Portland. In that role, she knows that too often business, community, and the silent leaders who serve our City don’t feel their ideas and solutions are being heard.  PDX Strong gives those leaders an opportunity to have solution driven conversations and address real time topics that are relevant in Portland right now.

Check out the vlog at www.pdxstrong.com/ and please let us know if you have a leader you would like to see interviewed.

BIKETOWN – Portland’s newest #bikeshare program.


Bright orange bikes are scattered all over Portland- 1,000 to be exact. They are designed and operated by Nike to create a solution for locals and tourists to ride around the city conveniently. We are fortunate to have a bike station located right in Director Park. If you need a break from work, are on your lunch break or just ready to take a ride on the esplanade, look no further than BIKETOWN.


Sean Color

  1. How long have you worked with TMT? 15 years.
  2. Where did you graduate from? Montana State University
  3. How long did it take to finish school? 5 years
  4. Why did you come to TMT? I was looking for a property management company that used Yardi.
  5. What are your everyday duties? Responsible for producing, auditing, and presenting profit/loss statements. Prepping invoices for tenants and verifying the accuracy of the dollar amount that is billed to tenants. Preparation of estimated operating expenses.
  6. What is your favorite task? Reconciliation of operating expenses
  7. What is your least favorite task? Posting completed maintenance work online.
  8. What are you most excited for with the new building? The Grand Opening of the building after 10 years of working on it. It will also be nice to create reconciliation structure from the ground up.
  9. What type of qualities do you need to succeed in this job? You need to be organized, number oriented and detail oriented.
  10. What does your ideal day look like? A good flow of projects and no emergencies. I prefer to have one big project and get lost in it because it gets me in the zone.
  11. What is the best feature in Fox Tower? The split level design of the lobby – lower lobby and upper lobby.
  12. What have you learned the most through this job? Transitioning and applying my understanding of bookkeeping to accounting. I learned how to read and formulate financial statements; balance sheets and depreciation statements.
  13. What advice would you give to a new accountant? Staying organized and regimented is the most important thing.
  14. What was the most gratifying thing you did while on the job? I had discovered we were charging a tenant monthly for reimbursement of a capital project longer than necessary. I sent an apology letter for the inconvenience and posted a credit to their account. They wrote back expressing their appreciation and gratitude. It was very genuine and stuck with me.

KXL News names Vanessa Sturgeon Regional Executive of the Year!



The editorial staff at KXL News has named TMT President & CEO Vanessa Sturgeon as Regional Executive of the Year!  KXL recognized Vanessa & TMT’s leadership in the return of Portland’s commercial real estate market with the Park Avenue West construction project. Business Briefing host Brian Bushlach commented that “[Park Avenue West] is symbolic of so many things, particularly Portland’s comeback” while interviewing Vanessa this past weekend. Check out the audio of their interview above. Thank you, KXL, for this amazing honor!

Congratulations to Gary Ward, recipient of the 2015 President’s Award.

2015 President's Award Recipient
Maintenance Manager Gary Ward


We are happy to announce that the recipient of the TMT Development President’s Award for 2015 is Maintenance Manager Gary Ward. Gary has been with TMT for over 11 years and much of his work focuses on our Outlying Properties. Gary’s hard work and commitment to  our valued tenants make him an invaluable member of the TMT team.

Each year the President’s Award is presented at our Holiday Dinner to an employee who best exemplifies TMT’s values of leadership and customer service. Congratulations, Gary!

Women of Color Empowerment Conference Brings Leaders to the Table

Vanessa Sturgeon_Women of Color Empowerment Conference_TMT Development_Portland_Oregon

The 2nd annual Women of Color Empowerment Conference was held yesterday in Portland. Co-hosted by the Portland Business Alliance and the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, the event brought together some of Portland’s top women leaders to discuss how they conduct business with integrity and ethical sensitivity. Following a keynote from Higher Education Coordinating Commission Chief of Staff Cheryl Myers, TMT President & CEO Vanessa Sturgeon joined Kay Toran of Volunteers of America Oregon and Janet LaBar of Greater Portland, Inc,, to discuss concrete strategies to empower women in business.

Panoramic 29th Floor_Park Avenue West Tower_TMT Development_Portland_Oregon

2014 President’s Award recipient is Cristin Bansen

President's Award_Cristin Bansen_TMT Development_Portland_Oregon

We are happy to announce that the recipient of the TMT Development President’s Award for 2014 is Property Manager Cristin Bansen. Cristin has been with TMT since February 2013, and was recently recognized as IREM Oregon‘s Associate of the Year! Cristin manages TMT’s outlying properties, primary of which is Delta Park Center, which has undergone recent improvements thanks to Cristin’s hard work and vision. Each year the President’s Award is presented at our Holiday Dinner to an employee who best exemplifies TMT’s values of leadership and customer service. Congratulations, Cristin!