TMT named a Top Green Workplace by Oregon Business Magazine


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TMT Development is honored to be recognized by Oregon Business Magazine as one of the Best 100 Green Workplaces in Oregon.  Companies selected for this honor are determined by an anonymous employee survey and an independent assessment of the employers’ sustainability practices.

TMT is committed to sustainable development and aims to be one of Portland’s “green leaders.” Several TMT Development properties are either LEED certified or in the process of becoming LEED certified through efforts such as retrofitting lights and reducing building-wide water consumption. In addition, TMT achieved Gold certification through the City of Portland Sustainability at Work division in 2014. This certification recognizes a business’s positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Employee spotlight: Rebecca Cowan

Get to know the TMT Team in our new feature, Employee Spotlight!

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Rebecca Cowan is an Accounting Assistant here at TMT Development. Our intern Jay Park recently sat down with Rebecca to ask her a few questions about her job.

1. How long have you worked with TMT? Fifteen years this month!

2. Where did you graduate from? Marylhurst Univeristy

3. What brought you to TMT? I started working here as a temp and then I became a full-time employee.

4. What are your everyday duties? Paying bills, depositing checks, and keeping track of records and reports.

5. What is your favorite task? Depositing big checks :)

6. What is your least favorite task? I dislike confronting vendors when they have made a mistake.

7. What are you most excited about in regards to Park Avenue West? The exterior of the tower is very unique for downtown, so the building gets a lot of natural light. I also like that the area around the building is always bustling.

8. What is the most common problem in the Fox Tower? Temperature issues. It’s either too cold or too hot.

9. What type of qualities do you need to succeed in this job? You definitely need strong organizational skills

10. What does your ideal day look like? When everything on my list gets done efficiently and accurately. Also, I enjoy having a variety of projects rather than one task.

11. What is the best feature in this building? Definitely the views.

12. What have you learned the most through this job? Accounting principles.

13. What advice would you give to a new accountant? Stay organized and figure out how to work well with a variety of personalities.

14. What was the biggest mistake you made while on the job? Losing a stack of checks on my desk when I was fairly new to the job.

15. What was the most gratifying thing you did while on the job? When I was working as a property manager, I assisted with the beginning stages of developing Park Avenue West by contacting vendors for bids and reaching out to the city for the clarification of city policies/regulations.


Knowing Your Personal Brand

Vanessa was recently asked to be a panelist at a Skanka’s Women’s Network event with a topic of ‘Knowing your personal brand.” The event turned into an in depth discussion covering industries, personal experiences and best practices for building, maintaining and promoting your own brand.  The panel was moderated by Mendy Mazzo, VP of Business Development for Skanska, with panelists Erin Hubert, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs, Minea Moore,  Head of Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion at Intel, Maureen Fisher of SOLVE and Vanessa.

Here are 10 important tips the panel shared with the audience.

1. Be authentic.

2. Walk your talk. As in, be true to your word and do what you say you’re going to do.

3. As a manager or leader, create an environment where everyone can be safe and be themselves.

4. Drive inclusion by offering help to others, by being  a mentor, and by coaching.

5. Get help from others by inviting all feedback and know how you react is critical. Ask for 360 feedback on your leadership.

6.  Take risks. Of these amazing four women who have seen great professional growth, each one of them has taken big risks in their careers. From dropping out of law school to work for a family business, to saying no to a major promotion, to quitting a well-paid job to balance home life.

7.  Help others find their own voice.

8. You can be a leader from wherever you are. Raise your hand and take opportunities. Have the vision of what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself.

9. Being a true leader means you want to help others grow. Bring your team along with you.

10.  And, DON”T get caught up in the drama.


Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Ward

Get to know the TMT Team in our new feature, Employee Spotlight!

Jeremy Ward_TMT Development_Portland_Oregon


Jeremy Ward is the Chief Engineer at TMT  Development. Our intern Jay Park recently sat down with Jeremy to ask him a few questions about his role at TMT.


How long have you worked with TMT? Almost 10 years.

Where did you go to school? I went to Parkrose High School and graduated from Portland Community College.

How long did it take to finish school? I’m still in school. I’ve been in many different programs and apprenticeships.

Why did you come to TMT? I desired benefits and stability/structure from a job. I wanted a home. Once my first child was born, I didn’t want to travel anymore and wanted to establish a home base at TMT.

What are your everyday duties? I make sure the building is operating properly – A/C is working and all the first impressions of the building are running smoothly. My ultimate job is to make tenants happy.

What is your favorite task? I like working with people and troubleshooting. I also like tough challenges and enjoy fixing things when no one else can.

What is your least favorite task? The work load can be stressful and can be demanding, as it is such a big building and there are so many tenants.

What are you most excited about in regards to Park Avenue West? To be the engineer for the newest high rise in Portland. It’s like a cool new toy to play with.

What is the most common problem in the Fox Tower? Mostly heating and cooling, air flow in general.

What type of qualities do you need to succeed in this job? You need to be a people person and driven. It helps if you’re self-sufficient, have an eye for detail, and are flexible and team-oriented.

What is your ideal day? Everything is completed and everyone’s smiling.

If you could change one thing about the building, what would it be? Revolving doors would be installed because it would make the building lobby warmer in the winter time.

What is the easiest part of your job? Dealing with the tenants and interacting with people.

What is the most difficult? Sometimes stress comes with this job and can be overwhelming. You constantly have to prioritize tasks and projects.

What is the best feature in this building? I love the architecture and shape of Fox Tower.

What have you learned the most through this job? Patience.

What advice would you give to a new engineer? Go with the flow and be open to new practices.

What was the biggest mistake you made while on the job?  Temporarily considering another job offer.

What was the most gratifying thing you did while on the job? A car was on fire in the parking garage and I put it out before the fire department arrived!


KXL News names Vanessa Sturgeon Regional Executive of the Year!



The editorial staff at KXL News has named TMT President & CEO Vanessa Sturgeon as Regional Executive of the Year!  KXL recognized Vanessa & TMT’s leadership in the return of Portland’s commercial real estate market with the Park Avenue West construction project. Business Briefing host Brian Bushlach commented that “[Park Avenue West] is symbolic of so many things, particularly Portland’s comeback” while interviewing Vanessa this past weekend. Check out the audio of their interview above. Thank you, KXL, for this amazing honor!

Congratulations to Gary Ward, recipient of the 2015 President’s Award.

2015 President's Award Recipient
Maintenance Manager Gary Ward


We are happy to announce that the recipient of the TMT Development President’s Award for 2015 is Maintenance Manager Gary Ward. Gary has been with TMT for over 11 years and much of his work focuses on our Outlying Properties. Gary’s hard work and commitment to  our valued tenants make him an invaluable member of the TMT team.

Each year the President’s Award is presented at our Holiday Dinner to an employee who best exemplifies TMT’s values of leadership and customer service. Congratulations, Gary!


Business Briefing FM 101 KXL

Vanessa Sturgeon stopped by The Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach for a discussion about Park Avenue West. Vanessa talked about the upcoming pre-leasing of the apartment units, beginning on October 1st.  Listeners got an update on the new Stoel Rives office space that will take up the top 9 floors of the building, before Brian and Vanessa discussed why the area adjacent to Park Avenue West, Fox Tower, and Director Park is becoming the new hub of downtown Portland. Click below to listen to the show.


TMT & Schoolhouse Supplies help kids get ready to go back to school

Group photo_Schoolhouse Supplies_TMTDevelopment_Portland_Oregon

TMT dedicated an afternoon to the Tools for Schools program at Grout Elementary School by packing school supplies into backpacks that were provided by Schoolhouse Supplies; a non-profit organization that provides necessary school materials to students and teachers in public schools. Schoolhouse Supplies Tools for Schools program has put more than 114,000 backpacks in the hands of students in need for over a decade and supports schools where 65% or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.  This year, the TMT team had a chance to interact with the children while helping them pick up their backpacks and school supplies– the kids were  especially enthused about the ability to color code their supplies. It was a great kickoff to their upcoming school year and we can’t wait for next year!