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Employee Spotlight: Alycia Costa


Alycia Costa is a true rockstar. She manages two Class A offices in the heart of Portland; Fox Tower and Park Avenue West. This is no easy task but she makes it look effortless.  She maintains professionalism, patience and perfection in all of the projects that she spearheads.

To recognize all of her dedication and loyalty to the company, she has been promoted to Senior Property Manager and also received the President’s Award for 2016. We are proud to have her represent us at TMT.

Save Energy, Save Lives, See Stars- Lights Out Portland!

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The Audubon Society of Portland has organized Lights Out Portland for September 30, 2016 to save energy, save lives and see stars. Studies show in the United States, up to 1 billion birds die every year from colliding into a building window. Most birds migrate at night and rely on natural light from the sky, but city lights can interfere and deceive their path. By reducing our lighting, we can minimize risk and provide a safe route.

Portland will be joining 21 other cities to turn off unnecessary light to our buildings. To do our part, TMT has asked tenants of Park Avenue West and Fox Tower to pull down their blinds at dusk on the 30th.  Our building engineers will be turning off our roof & non-emergency lights as well.

Please join us on September 30th and shut it down for Lights Out Portland!


BIKETOWN – Portland’s newest #bikeshare program.


Bright orange bikes are scattered all over Portland- 1,000 to be exact. They are designed and operated by Nike to create a solution for locals and tourists to ride around the city conveniently. We are fortunate to have a bike station located right in Director Park. If you need a break from work, are on your lunch break or just ready to take a ride on the esplanade, look no further than BIKETOWN.

Brews for New Avenues Raise $150,000!

The 5th annual Brews for New Avenues fundraising event was on August 26th.  They featured a live and silent auction for the rarest bears in this region and the most popular beers on tap for participants to enjoy. In 2015, they had over 700 attendees and raised $58,000! This year, tickets sold out and raised $150,000! 



100% of the proceeds from Brews goes directly to New Avenues for Youth, a non-profit organization that provides programs & services to prevent youth homelessness in our Portland community.




Sean Color

  1. How long have you worked with TMT? 15 years.
  2. Where did you graduate from? Montana State University
  3. How long did it take to finish school? 5 years
  4. Why did you come to TMT? I was looking for a property management company that used Yardi.
  5. What are your everyday duties? Responsible for producing, auditing, and presenting profit/loss statements. Prepping invoices for tenants and verifying the accuracy of the dollar amount that is billed to tenants. Preparation of estimated operating expenses.
  6. What is your favorite task? Reconciliation of operating expenses
  7. What is your least favorite task? Posting completed maintenance work online.
  8. What are you most excited for with the new building? The Grand Opening of the building after 10 years of working on it. It will also be nice to create reconciliation structure from the ground up.
  9. What type of qualities do you need to succeed in this job? You need to be organized, number oriented and detail oriented.
  10. What does your ideal day look like? A good flow of projects and no emergencies. I prefer to have one big project and get lost in it because it gets me in the zone.
  11. What is the best feature in Fox Tower? The split level design of the lobby – lower lobby and upper lobby.
  12. What have you learned the most through this job? Transitioning and applying my understanding of bookkeeping to accounting. I learned how to read and formulate financial statements; balance sheets and depreciation statements.
  13. What advice would you give to a new accountant? Staying organized and regimented is the most important thing.
  14. What was the most gratifying thing you did while on the job? I had discovered we were charging a tenant monthly for reimbursement of a capital project longer than necessary. I sent an apology letter for the inconvenience and posted a credit to their account. They wrote back expressing their appreciation and gratitude. It was very genuine and stuck with me.

It’s about people.

Every summer our team  gathers with family and close friends to eat, drink and play – it’s a time to recognize the hard work our people do every day.  This year, we had comfort food catered by Reverend’s BBQ and wild salmon from Whole Foods– a fabulous combination on a windy summer day. Meanwhile, the children went fishing and caught multiple bass and catfish (they threw them back into the lake, of course). But the highlight of this summer’s BBQ was witnessing Benson, our intern, paddleboard for his first time! We are looking forward to next year and hope it brings many more laughs, memories and bonding for our team.










Welcome to TMT, Benson!

Benson_TMT Development_Portland_Oregon

TMT Development is proud to announce that we will be welcoming Benson Nsanzabandi to our team this summer as an intern. Benson is currently in his Junior year at the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics studying Finance. He will be working closely with our Accounting Department during his internship, but will also gain exposure to other areas within the company.

Benson is a Congolese refugee currently living in Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda. TMT has partnered with the nonprofit organization These Numbers Have Faces to make this internship a reality for him. These Numbers is dedicated to investing in young leaders from six African countries by granting them a summer in the United States with a company who will help them grow professionally. They have invested in over 4,000 students to date and will continue to do so. TMT is excited to be a part of Benson’s journey. He will be far away from home and would love to meet new faces. If you see him around, please do not hesitate to say hello!

Fox Tower Goes Green for Earth Week

In honor of Earth Day, TMT Development provided electronic recycling through E-Waste Matters for our Fox Tower tenants and two days celebrating our tenants green efforts through our green vendors on Thursday and Friday.   This is one of our favorite weeks of the year and a time to acknowledge what we are all doing every day to make this earth a better place.

4.23.16 Earth Day Fox

We provided over 10 varieties of tomato plants to show our appreciation for the participation of our tenants. Everyone was excited to get to choose their personal preference. We had Chocolate Cherry, Brandywine, Roma, Early Girl and Oregon Spring Tomatoes. 12 tenants in our building won amazing gift cards to Ringside Fish House, Brunch Box, Pastini, Nordstrom, Nike, TriMet, Dragontree Spa and Case Study Coffee to our tenants who visited our local vendors who practice sustainability every day.

4.25.16 Earth Day Fox 2

Thank you to the following vendors for making Earth Week at Fox Tower such a success:

Soup Cycle,  Earth Share Oregon,  Rebuilding Center,  Portland Pedal Power,  Eco Baby GearEnergy TrustBark OutGreen Furniture SolutionsCartridge World, and E-Waste Matters

Employee spotlight: Rebecca Cowan

Get to know the TMT Team in our new feature, Employee Spotlight!

Cowan, Rebecca_MG_9133 crop copy

Rebecca Cowan is an Accounting Assistant here at TMT Development. Our intern Jay Park recently sat down with Rebecca to ask her a few questions about her job.

1. How long have you worked with TMT? Fifteen years this month!

2. Where did you graduate from? Marylhurst Univeristy

3. What brought you to TMT? I started working here as a temp and then I became a full-time employee.

4. What are your everyday duties? Paying bills, depositing checks, and keeping track of records and reports.

5. What is your favorite task? Depositing big checks :)

6. What is your least favorite task? I dislike confronting vendors when they have made a mistake.

7. What are you most excited about in regards to Park Avenue West? The exterior of the tower is very unique for downtown, so the building gets a lot of natural light. I also like that the area around the building is always bustling.

8. What is the most common problem in the Fox Tower? Temperature issues. It’s either too cold or too hot.

9. What type of qualities do you need to succeed in this job? You definitely need strong organizational skills

10. What does your ideal day look like? When everything on my list gets done efficiently and accurately. Also, I enjoy having a variety of projects rather than one task.

11. What is the best feature in this building? Definitely the views.

12. What have you learned the most through this job? Accounting principles.

13. What advice would you give to a new accountant? Stay organized and figure out how to work well with a variety of personalities.

14. What was the biggest mistake you made while on the job? Losing a stack of checks on my desk when I was fairly new to the job.

15. What was the most gratifying thing you did while on the job? When I was working as a property manager, I assisted with the beginning stages of developing Park Avenue West by contacting vendors for bids and reaching out to the city for the clarification of city policies/regulations.


Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Ward

Get to know the TMT Team in our new feature, Employee Spotlight!

Jeremy Ward_TMT Development_Portland_Oregon


Jeremy Ward is the Chief Engineer at TMT  Development. Our intern Jay Park recently sat down with Jeremy to ask him a few questions about his role at TMT.


How long have you worked with TMT? Almost 10 years.

Where did you go to school? I went to Parkrose High School and graduated from Portland Community College.

How long did it take to finish school? I’m still in school. I’ve been in many different programs and apprenticeships.

Why did you come to TMT? I desired benefits and stability/structure from a job. I wanted a home. Once my first child was born, I didn’t want to travel anymore and wanted to establish a home base at TMT.

What are your everyday duties? I make sure the building is operating properly – A/C is working and all the first impressions of the building are running smoothly. My ultimate job is to make tenants happy.

What is your favorite task? I like working with people and troubleshooting. I also like tough challenges and enjoy fixing things when no one else can.

What is your least favorite task? The work load can be stressful and can be demanding, as it is such a big building and there are so many tenants.

What are you most excited about in regards to Park Avenue West? To be the engineer for the newest high rise in Portland. It’s like a cool new toy to play with.

What is the most common problem in the Fox Tower? Mostly heating and cooling, air flow in general.

What type of qualities do you need to succeed in this job? You need to be a people person and driven. It helps if you’re self-sufficient, have an eye for detail, and are flexible and team-oriented.

What is your ideal day? Everything is completed and everyone’s smiling.

If you could change one thing about the building, what would it be? Revolving doors would be installed because it would make the building lobby warmer in the winter time.

What is the easiest part of your job? Dealing with the tenants and interacting with people.

What is the most difficult? Sometimes stress comes with this job and can be overwhelming. You constantly have to prioritize tasks and projects.

What is the best feature in this building? I love the architecture and shape of Fox Tower.

What have you learned the most through this job? Patience.

What advice would you give to a new engineer? Go with the flow and be open to new practices.

What was the biggest mistake you made while on the job?  Temporarily considering another job offer.

What was the most gratifying thing you did while on the job? A car was on fire in the parking garage and I put it out before the fire department arrived!